The easiest way to travel to Växjö for our guest from abroad is to fly to Växjö airport.
From Amsterdam KLM has the following schedule:
Friday November 16th departure Amsterdam 12.00 arrives Växjö 13.35
Sunday November 18th departure Växjö 14.05 arrives Amsterdam 15.50
From Växjö airport the conference organization will take care of the transport to the Hotel.

Anothter option is to fly to Copenhagen airport and take a train to Växjö.
You can find information about train travel in the link below:

Departures from Copenhagen Friday November 16th:
10.22 arrives in Växjö 12.37
11.22 arrives in Växjö 13.47
12.22 arrvies in Växjö 14.47
12.35 arrives in Växjö 14.47
13.22 arrives inn Växjö 15.47

Departures from Växjö Sunday November 18th
14.10 arrives in Copenhagen airport 16.33
14.24 arrives in Copenhagen airport 16.53
15.10 arrives in Copenhagen airport 17.33